Melessa’s Bio

Melessa Denee, Owner/Styling Artist, has worked in the cosmetology industry for over 23 years with clients in Delaware, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and California. Melessa has had the pleasure to work with elite clients in Beverly Hills, CA. Melessa’s formal training started at Virginia State University, Petersburg, VA majoring in Fashion Designs/Fashion Merchandising.

In 1988, she began working as a cosmetology apprentice in a prestigious salon in Delaware. As Melessa pursued her career with hard work and dedication she became an award winning professionally licensed beautician.

The strength of her client base led Melessa to open her own salon called “Melessa’s Ultimate Hair Design” in Delaware in the 1990’s. As her reputation and following grew she opened her newest salon “Melessa’s Weave Palace” in Baltimore, MD in 2009. “Melessa’s dream to open private intimate spaces that satisfy all kinds of weaves and hair extension needs has been fulfilled.”

Melessa began creating hair styles for fashion and hair shows on the eastern sea board. After winning multiple awards, her attention turned towards more glamorous hair styling with daily maintenance serving her clients. The majority of Melessa’s clients currently prefer gorgeous silhouettes ranging from full extensions, clip-ins, custom made wigs and everything in between. Melessa utilizes the best quality 100% Virgin Indian, Brazilian, and Persian Remi Hair which can be custom colored.

As new hair care methods and information became available, Melessa added to her skill set, by completing courses that included hair weaving, wig making, makeup application, and hair cutting. Many clients that were referred to the salon were women who suffered severe hair loss due to chemotherapy, heredity, autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalance and trauma due to accidents or surgery. To meet the needs of her clientele, Melessa created custom-made wigs, lace wigs, hair extensions and offered hair and scalp treatments.

Throughout the years, Melessa, received high praise for the many glamorous hair styles that she created for both women with a full head of hair as well as women with severe hair loss. Melessa regularly receives testimonials, cards, flowers and tears of joy from her clients, thanking her for the miraculous growth of their self-esteem and morale

Melessa’s services have become known through word of mouth, advertisements and media coverage. Today more than 85% of Melessa’s business has grown to include hair weaving systems for a multi-cultural client base both male and female.

Melessa’s vision and mission in life is to reach others on an international level. Her outstanding professional work ethics, compassion, caring and kindness, have afforded her to be a blessing to others. God is using her gifts to serve His people and she thanks God each and every day for the opportunity. Her motto is, “With These Hands, Come and Be Blessed by Hands Truly Blessed by the Best.”

Melessa has cosmetology certifications in Delaware, Maryland and California and is available for VIP Mobile Service in the elite, film, tv, music, and entertainment industry..